Supporting patients treated with Pradaxa®

A range of materials are available to support your patients with non-valvular AF being treated with Pradaxa® for stroke prevention, which may aid their treatment adherence.

Patient starter card

  • Provides patients with a quick reference guide to taking Pradaxa®

Patient support booklet

  • Provides patients with detailed information on why they’ve been prescribed Pradaxa®, how to take their treatment and what they should do in an emergency

Patient alert card, one card contained within each pack of Pradaxa®

  • For the patient to keep with them at all times
  • Informs healthcare professionals that the patient is receiving anticoagulation therapy

Blister case

  • Designed to aid treatment adherence Reminds patients to take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening, every day
  • Assists the patient when removing the capsules from the foil blister strip – when the patient presses the case for their next dose the ridged aluminium foil is punctured making it easier to remove the capsule